Good Ole Days

I have been feeling very nostalgic lately. I'm not sure why, but I miss the days when I was young. I have so many good memories of growing up. I would love to feel that way today. Our world is so messed up right now, things just don't seem the same anymore. With being grown-up comes responsibilty and I will have to admit it is not one of my strong points. I'm not really trying to avoid all this, It's just that I long for the good ole days. I wish I could go back just for awhile to have fun and not worry so much about things. My life even as a kid was not a bed of roses, but I would rather be there then here.

swan2857 swan2857
51-55, F
2 Responses Feb 22, 2009

i've been feeling the exact same way lately! i think you're more than entitled.

that last sentence is a real truth isnt it?