As I walked down a foreign street last week, a smell filled my nose that instantly evoked memories in me. As I looked up, I soon realised it was a small tree, one which I hadn't smelt in a while. It was the same kind of tree that used to line the streets of my home. I wanted to cry on the spot, nostalgia overwhelms me.


You know nostalgia used to be a medical condition? I believe it still is for me.

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My favourites too :)

Ah thought so after I googled it, Love wattle trees :)

Wattles M!

I dont even know what that is Roj hehe

Acacia??? They used to get me like that too.<br />
<br />
Now I smell them in the right place and it just makes sense :)

I'm very nostalgic too... so I can easily relate. The more I learn about you the more i'm glad I messaged you in the first place!

Hmm..I experience nostalgia fairly often myself. It depends on the situation if it is strong or not, but lately, it has been I notice life changing so dramatically...and loved ones getting older.<br />
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Really understood your story; thanks for sharing! wasnt a pawn....ever since i quit my job its been more higher up like i was the horse and Ill likely be feeling the queen soon... toodles!

yes, i felt like a pawn once...just the other day in fact; im referencing your Quote about chess the time i was feeling high tho so i just laughed about the metaphor.