I May Be Going To Hell But I Know I Am A Good Person

Ok, first off I would like to say I do not believe in god. I do not honestly know what I believe in, although I believe in the concept of a higher being.

Today, I had a "discussion" with someone about religion. Well it was more of an "I am a sinner and am going to hell because I am religious". I took GREAT offence to this.
Religion (or the lack of in my case) doesn't make a person good or bad. Beliefs have nothing (or at least very little) to do with a person morals (which I believe make a good or bad person). You may think I am going to hell because I don't believe in god, and I respect that. But I do take offence to the fact that people believe I am an immoral, sinner because of the lack of beliefs. I believe I am a good person, I believe in my own "code of morals" and things I consider to be "right".
The fact that I am not religious, I believe, does not change that......
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Thankyou ezcare

Slammmin- Isn't believing in the concept of heaven and hell sort of leading to religion and belief?<br />
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In SimplyArmy- I did actually know that (but I am sure alot of people don't), but I am not sure I see the relevence

Were you aware that Jesus reserved his harshest words for the leaders of organized religion in his day?

lol dont worry buddy i am not relegious either and beleive i am a good person... but i am different in that i am almost completley sure i am not going to hell.. If there is a hell that is. Think about it, if there is a god, would he be so ignorant to let into heaven ppl who believed in him but sinned (and then asked for forgiviness) and sen ppl to hell like us who dont believe in god? This makes no sense to base someones worth on what they beleive because we dont choose what we believe.. And especially good bcuz there is not proof of his existence

Awwwwwwwww **hugs**

i know Reece :( *hugs*

If only they did though KF.......

yep...according to some, i am a giant sinner and going to hell just b/c i don't attend church and live my life 'like i should' like THEY know how i should live my life in the first place...<br />
it's fine if they want to think that. i don't base how i live my life on what other people think of me :) <br />
i agree...there are those that are VERY into their religion...and that's fine too...just leave me out of it please lol

But in the eyes of some (and I am in no way sterotyping anyone when I say this) you are a bad person because you are not persuing your faith, not going to church and all that.<br />
No matter what you believe in, your faith or the lack of faith doesn't mean anything to if you are "good" or not.

i understand a bit of what Kat is saying...sometimes what people believe in reflect in their morals...what they do in the name of right or wrong, depending on what they believe.<br />
i grew up in church. but i can't say that i am a religious person these days. but, like you've said (and i agree) that doesn't make me a bad person. i don't go around doing bad things...i think i'm as kind-hearted and generous as some of the people who i know who DO attend church.

I kind of disagree. I don't think religion has much to do with morals, otherwise a non-believer wouldn't have any (or visa-versa) right? <br />
I honestly don't know what I believe in...

Reece you are so right but beliefs has a lot to do with people morals. Its the way that they think =) The worse part is that the stuck up close minded people are the most religous =/ and the spirtual people call that satan disgised as god.<br />
I do hope something spirtual is out there that is better then this world. <br />
So do you believe in heavan?

THen yes, I agree totally. ALthough in saying that, they aren't all that bad. There are the good ones, I just think they are the ones we don't notice.

ezcare- I understand your meaning, but I still think we need to respect the beliefs of others. I am perfectly ok to talk and learn about someone elses religion, and to be honest I like the thought of religion and god (man made or not). I am bothered by the fact that me and my "lack of" beliefs is labelling to be something I know I am not.<br />
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AmyJack- THankyou. I think I agree with you there.

Nice post, Reece. I don't believe in much I can't substantiate myself. As far as I know this life is all we get and it's full of randomness with bits of coincidence with the math of chaos. Humans crave meaning, find paterns to suit preconceptions and hunger to be fooled. That said, religions came up with the first rules of civil conduct and most of those rules, the ones shared by all of the older religions, are usually worth following in the interest of the greater good and our own conciences. We just feel better when we treat people the way we want to be treated and most of us would rather not be murdered, tortured, pick-pocketed, splashed with mud, and so on. What is heaven? Death after a life well-lived while being well-loved.

FreeFallWall- I agree with what you are saying. I can respect someones religion, I think it is only fair that my lack of faith is respected too.<br />
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Gheata- And if I don't believe in that (which o be honest I don't)?

Well any human can go to heaven. It doesn't matter the religion, the skin color or others. just don't judge, try to help others and forgive as often as you can. Protect others if you can. <br />
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I hope that you will go to heaven and meet giggles4488 there.<br />
<br />
Be free but respect others freadom too ;)<br />
<br />
Be blessed.<br />
<br />
Don't look at the person, look at his/her words ;)<br />
<br />
God be with you :)

I hate those people the most who assume the cover of religion to hide their true selves and manipulate people for their motives. And they exist everywhere. In all religions. These people are no good. <br />
We're all human beings first.<br />
<br />
People who really are following something divine(not necessarily one religion) don't force it on others and they're really nice to be with.

I know, that's the way I wish it was for everyone. You are my family and I love you no matter your beliefs. You are a very good person.... you know me, and you know if you weren't I'd be on to you and you would hear it from me :) I've enjoyed this conversation and I hope that those who read your story will read your comments. They are spot on and well thought out. You find your path in this life and never let the "religious" ones sway you. Think for yourself and always question.... you will find the answers you are looking for. Meanwhile, know that you are loved by Trpr and your Mum and I'm proud of you Reece. You are a good man!

Its not even sad any more, its messed up, its disturbing and its wrong. Its a betraying the trust I know good people are putting there "faith" in. Its becoming something we use to control and exploit people with, instead of being something "magical and righteous".<br />
You and the Old Man have it right, thats how I think religion (and more importantly and differences in ones religion) should be.......

Absolutely! It works both ways... I am NOT a sinner because I don't sit on the front row saying amen along with the blue haired ladies who love to gossip. Aah, but they think they are good and I am bad. It is an age old argument that seems to plague us. Man has made the labels and the categories we see. When looking at the many religions and the hundreds of categories Christians put themselves in, we see most of the church doctrine is man made laws and rules to live by. I have found in life that those who truly walk the "christian" life are those that have what they call a personal relationship with their God (as I do with my Goddess) and they are open minded and understanding of others. TrprBadass is a christian.... he doesn't attend a church, doesn't judge me or anyone else as to being "good" or "bad" , "saint" or "sinner". He quietly walks his path as I do mine. We understand each other and allow for the differences. What man has done to faith has perverted it in many cases and causes many to shun wanting anything to do with it. I've never even thought to define someone as bad or a sinner simply because they do not believe as I do. Christians amaze me, they fight amongst themselves. I was brought up Catholic and the Baptists and Methodists would tell me I was going to hell on a regular basis..... it isn't just those of us (and I am one now) who don't believe in their god. It's all very sad.

Because someone DOESN'T sit on a church pew each week doesn't make them a sinner either. <br />
The lables bother me too. I can't believe that if there is a "god" then we would be defined into categories like that. Religion can and does cross alot of boundaries, it has the ablility to unite people like nothing other the music and war (well they are the two that come to mind). But I will not believe that I can be defined so categorically into something I am not because I do or do not believe.

You are absolutely right, religion is often used to control and that is very sad. We have to hope that the children will also learn to always question things and find the truth on their own. That's what I did and that's what my children have done. I have people like my adopted mama who is a woman of great faith but she never judges or uses her religion to control her family and friends. I also have a real mom who points her boney finger in everyones face and declares them to be good or bad.... she is a "religious person" and proud of it. I understand and yes, I suppose there will be those who will make comments on here and send hate mail.... those are the very ones that prove your point. You are like my trooper, you listen and you question and you learn....we can only hope that others will do the same and not be controlled by the zealots who wish to push their beliefs upon us. We must each come to our own conclusions in this life... it has to be our own decision and conclusion or it's of no value. Because someone sits on a church pew each week does not make them a good person. Actions always speak louder than words.

I know Mother Dearest **MWAH** <br />
The thing that bothers me the most is these people are bringing up children, corrupting them to the same sort of thinking as them. <br />
Relgion bothers me (and I am prepared for the hate mail I will get from this), because it is being used to control people. I can respect someones views enough to not really care what religion someone is, and to be honest I would like to believe in a "god" or whatever, but I am scared of the fact that people are being controlled by it. Religion should be something god, not something to be exploited and used against people. But I see it all the time, and I think its sad.........

Aaw, I know it bothers you, it ALWAYS upsets me when someone decides to let me know that I'm bad because I'm not religious. It hurts my feelings to be told I'm an awful person and have ugly things written when they don't know anything about me. I have to calm down and realize that they don't know me and that they are doing the very thing that makes me push their religion away. I don't ever want to be like them and be so egotistical and judgmental as to declare who is good and who is bad, who is going to their heaven and who is going sliding through hell on a wooden shutter. To me, that's the very definition of being a "bad" human being and I'm not about to go there! Chin up, please don't let someone like that bother you!! Mwah

Peanlo- My bad.....<br />
<br />
Giggles4488- Yes they were VERY close-minded. It just bothers me that I am being told being "religious" defines a good person. I know its not and I know I am right but it still bothers the heck outta me. Thankyou Mother Dear, I love you too **big hugs**<br />
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Alterdego- Thankyou Auntie **MWAH**<br />
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Giggles4488- Hmmmmmmm I thought it bad sense, but I could be wrong

And by the way, you named this group correctly ... I understood what you meant and so will everyone else. You know what they say, don't you? Great minds think alike :)

Hmm... I totally agree and I'd have to say over the years I've known a great many "religious" people and many of them were the most immoral people I've ever met!! You not believing in the same god as whoever you were talking to does not mean you are going to their concept of hell or that you are not a good person. I get that all the time from people who don't care to get to know me and have no idea whether I'm a good person or not. Like you, I have a moral code and know right from wrong. I live a life of service and can look back at my life and not feel regrets. Don't let anyone make you feel like you are less or that you are going to whatever their thought on hell is just because you aren't religious. Sounds like you were talking to a very close minded person, my dear. I've known you long enough to know you are definitely a good person and you are certainly a huge blessing in my life and in the trooper's life. I love you Reece :) Hey, and if you are going to hell then NOBODY has a chance at heaven, we are all screwed cause you are the nicest, kindest, most generous person on EP... LOL ((hugs))

I agree with what you wrote here, but the name of your group doesn't say the same. It says 'I am not religious and therefore I am a good person' which is wrong. I don't believe that's what you meant, but that's how it came out.