I am not into this world of 2014. Many of us are constantly craving and looking for something materialistic to fill us up. We are seeking instantaneous pleasure for the most part. Most people today can't wait for anything, impatience in this world is at all time high.

We no longer believe good things happen to those who wait. Most of humanity these days feels the need for the latest car, phone or gadget. We will do almost anything to get these things. The people who practice this behavior have virtually no attention spans. We have become like little children looking for a new toy, after playing with what we have for a few minutes or days it is then onto something new.

We spend endless ours on machines texting some inconsequential nonsense to another human drone on the other end who is just as consumed and just as blind as we are. We no longer nourish friendships but rather spray them with toxic repetitive insignificance.

We have lost perspective on what is truly important in life, simplicity. We know longer appreciate the simple things, such as just relaxing with a cold drink. Or maybe just looking up at the sky to admire it's beauty and perfection. Slow down and take a deep breath, what you are being peddled is destroying your heart, mind and soul.

Humanity does have a purpose in life but this purpose should come natural. Stop following the crowd. Look for quality in your life and not quantity. Look for things that will keep you whole for eternity and not the things that will only quench you for a few brief waking moments. Try to nourish the soul rather than suffocate it.

Stand up for what is right and just. Do not be brainwashed by society. For what society offers us today is very little. If you find one true friend in life or if you have truly impacted just one person's soul, you have lived. Let us all stop living the lie. Choose true freedom, do not settle for what is being offered to you. You are being controlled and you don't even realize it!
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

It's these companies! They need us to buy their crappy stuff! :O