I Don't Get This...

First things first. I have never cheated on any person I have committed myself to. Have I been accused, yep.

Second I think, no I actually know, that most hurt feelings and accusations can be handled in the beginning of a relationship.

Here's how. When you start seeing someone tell them flat out. I like you but I don't want to be exclusive. Knowing up front that you still want to see others you can't be called a cheater. Now if the other person can't handle you seeing other people, that's up to them. You can go exclusive later on. Now if you become exclusive and then go out seeing others on a romantic level. Your cheating, plain and simple. You are wrong.

Now that does not take into account those who agreed to polyamorous relationships. Even those relationships have agreed upon rules that were worked out up front.

There also different modes of cheating. Physical, which most associate to the term, and emotional. Emotional is getting to close to someone else. Telling or doing with them what you should be doing or telling the one you committed to. It could also be as simple as desiring another whom you see in a picture or movie. Sound ridiculous? Guys, ever have your woman fly off the handle after discovering you were looking at ****? Some women have no problem with it, others do. For those that do, it's emotional betrayal. You might as well have gotten physical.

If you set the rules early it saves a lot of heart ache later.
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36-40, M
Aug 13, 2010