Black Sheep

I am one of the maybe four non-christian people in my small town in the middle of the bible belt. This created strain for me in school as I was open about my religous beliefs and many of my teachers informed that I needed to change my way of thinking, one going as far as to say that I needed to stay after class so we could talk about this. I don't think an art teacher is qualified to do any religous counseling but hey, what do I know? I'm just a pagan teenager *note the sarcasm* So much for seperation of church and state.
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4 Responses Apr 12, 2007

Stay brave. There are many of us like you. We cherish love, kindness and sanity, and we do it easily without a god.

I feel ya. I'm Agnostic in a tiny texas town...Everybody is a Fundy, these days....esp since 911.<br />
I'm also the only Liberal, and hippie...and the only Bi man I know.<br />
All that kinda goes together, I reckon.

I'm an atheist in the Bible Belt too. It's very isolating.

I had the same kind of stuff happen to me when I was in middle school. Except I was threatened with explusion for having in my possesion a pagan book. I hate people who judge others believes and hate people that are so ignorant they actually look down at something they don't know anything about. thats why I am a Theologian.