Good Karma

It's not that I don't believe in some sort of God/Goddess but that I am totally against organized religion. I believe in the power of prayer. For example (True story) 10 buddist  went  to N.Y  or Boston?  and prayed  for ten days  and  the  crime  rate  dropped  like  50%.  The  power  of  prayer  is  amazing. I basically believe that if you are a good person and treat others good, you will be in a good place when you die.Christians are too hypocritical for me! And you don't need to go to church to believe in God, he/she/it is everywhere. The air we breathe,rocks,flowers and so forth. Peace-J
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I have never been happier than I have been since I have thrown off the chains of "religon" and embraced the fact that I love the creator of this world and myself. I pray prayers of thanfulness and don't dictate my wants.

Religion (or Christianity in this context) is not supposed to be organized...I've always thought that churches who throw out pregnant young ladies or disown people should not be called a church at all. These people are the biggest hypocrites<br><br />
Jesus Himself was a FRIEND OF SINNERS. He went mainly to place with pregnant teens and all..<br><br />
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I agree with you that the power of prayer changes things. Mamatsu Emoto did an experiment with water crystals: A group of Jap Christians prayed beside a river where murders took place, before prayer:ugly crystals, after prayers: beautiful crystals.<br><br />
I believe that it has to do with the hearts of people.They need to be influenced by something else.Some sort of a force or something. <br><br />
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Because humanity itself is mostly dead already...

It's sad isn't it? Why can't all of mankind be nice? Anyways...what does RAR mean? Sometimes I'm an ignorant bunny.Oh well.Peace,J

All that you say is true. I feel 100% the same way and am always trying to educate the sheep out there. Such simple creatures and always so willing to throw one in there own flock out just to survive.<br />
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I watched some one who I always thought was a decent fellow throw his daughter out of his house and her church disown her because she got pregnant. I don't hold grudges, but if I saw this guy in a gutter I walk over him and drop a grenade for good measure. But hey they flock survived in the end and they got to feel big about themselves because they are all little perfect ********. Or if you will hypo's like jenjen said. RAR!