So I had an awesome day at work today. I got up and said out loud that Today was going to be a great day. I just didn't know it was going to be as good as it was today. Work was great and the employees there were happy as well. They had such a beautiful day that it was unbelievable. I met an old police friend of mine and it was great. Our customers today were superb. I had to make over one sandwich because I wasn't really paying much attention to the order on the screen. Everyone had a great day. It rained. By the time I made it home, the rain tried to make it back. I'm trying to keep my mind off my heart's pain even as so much as the way I feel about the woman that stole my heart. Yes, I admit and confess, she stole my heart. I can't help but to think of us and our future. We are not together and I hate that so much. She is my problem. My dream is my problem. My future is my problem. It is a problem because I want it so bad. I can only be patient. I go back to the house and the door was locked. SMH. Now I had to sit and wait until someone came and opened the door which would take over two to three hours. It was still a great day. Ate the rest of the plate that was in the fridge and turned around and cooked some spaghetti. God, this spaghetti came out so good. I got this big nourished smile on my stomach lol. I think I'm about to go and get another bowl and follow up with some fresh strawberry cheesecake and then read a few of my chapters tonight being that I have only this week left of studies and have a 69%% average. I will pass this class with a C I believe. As long as it isn't a D or an F. Staying in the tunnel. Co-worker said something that really helped me see my vision when she said she could imagine how my house look. I kept cleaning everything today which I usually always do. I will admit.. it was kind of sexy. shh... not trying to do the date a co-worker thing. That doesn't work out haha..Anyhow.. it's hard to trust anyone when someone has your heart. I'm believing God for everything He has shown me and praying that He sustain me.. well.. let me get to my meal and reading.. night.. oh, I might write again tonight..
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Go on, date the co-worker. I wish I had. That's where some of the best ones start. Why put limits like that on yourself? I do the same thing, but straight up its dumb lol

The co worker actually lives around the corner!

Oh cool, girl next door lol, that's very sweet .

Smh lol.. too close for southern comfort for me lol