Going to backfire in 3... 2... 1...

Ok, I'm one of those guys. I know there are girls here who like to be teased, to talk about taboo topics, to entertain sexual chats. I cyber, I cam, I send nude pictures.

You know what? I'm also more consent-aware than the typical folk. No, I stand corrected. I'm more consent-aware than most people, even those who have a vague sense of what feminism is. In my less-anonymous life I'm a feminist activist, I'm immersed in queer culture. I'm not your typical creep.

Still, I have "disturbing" fantasies. I get turned on at rape thoughts. At domination, at owning women bodies and souls. At having a girl service me and my body. Not everybody accepts this. And this is fine, I'm not asking everybody to. I'm just looking for the few people who can accept that I have "sick" (or whichever judgmental term you prefer) fantasies.

Just keep in mind that I know those are my fantasies. I know when to act on them, when to stop. I do this with the consent of involved people. I do this with an attention to safety and awareness to risk involved. I do this with a knowledge of the emotional implications of all this. How many of you can say that?
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Ah the rape fantasy. I've got that. It also infuriates me to think about women being taken advantage of or not given equal rights. Lol very contradictory.

Also, no matter what your fantasy is, you're never alone. And nobody really has the right to judge you because I'll bet their skeletons are much worse than a kinky fantasy.

I agree! Sex should always be safe, sane, consensual and respectful. There is nothing wrong with acting out fantasies as long as you don't force them on people.

Thank you, you are being comforting. I try to be the same for people who need it.