Peter Singer Joins Obama's Health Care Administrators

Peter Singer says infants aren't normal human beings with rights to life and liberty: "Characteristics like rationality, autonomy and self-consciousness...make a difference. Infants lack these characteristics. Killing them, therefore, cannot be equated with killing normal human beings."


"In the animal kingdom, after all, parents sometimes kill and even devour their offpsring". Singer argues that the West can learn from the other cultures like the Kalahari where children are routinely killed when they are unwanted, even when they are several years old.

According to Singer, some humans are non-persons, while some non-human animals are persons. The key is not nature or species membership, but consciousness. A pre-conscious human cannot suffer as much as a conscious horse. In dealing with animals, we care only about their quality of life. We put a horse that has broken its leg out of its misery as quickly as possible. This merciful act spares the animal an untold amount of needless suffering. If we look upon human animals in the same fashion, our opposition to killing those who are suffering will begin to dissolve. The "quality-of-life" ethic has a tangible correlative when it relates to suffering; the "sanctity-of-life" seemingly relates to a mere vapor.

 According to this avant garde thinker, a suffering or disabled child would have a weaker claim not to be killed than a mature pig. Singer writes, in Rethinking Life and Death:

Human babies are not born self-aware or capable of grasping their lives over time. They are not persons. Hence their lives would seem to be no more worthy of protection that the life of a fetus.

And writing specifically about Down syndrome babies, he advocates trading a disabled or defective child (one who is apparently doomed to too much suffering) for one who has better prospects for happiness:

We may not want a child to start on life's uncertain voyage if the prospects arc clouded. When this can be known at a very early stage in the voyage, we may still have a chance to make a fresh start. This means detaching ourselves from the infant who has been born, cutting ourselves free before the ties that have already begun to bind us to our child have become irresistible. Instead of going forward and putting all our effort into making the best of the situation, we can still say no, and start again from the beginning.

In a 1995 article in the London Spectator entitled "Killing Babies Isn't Always Wrong," Singer said "That day had to come," states Singer, "when Copernicus proved that the earth is not at the center of the universe. It is ridiculous to pretend that the old ethics make sense when plainly they do not. The notion that human life is sacred just because it's human is medieval."

Peter Singer was appointed by Obama as part of his Health Care Team...


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This man is mentally ill and must have done to much PCP or LSD

No truly converted/born again Christian would ever condone the killing of anybody..."Christians" who say they condone the killing of anyone are not true Christians and give our Lord and Savior a bad makes me sad so many "Christians" think they are saved from hell fire and brimstone and it will be too late if they die or Jesus returns before they know the truth :( no true Christian would want any wicked person die in their sin...we are called to love everybody even those who persecute us for believing in the only God who made us and that can save us from torment and suffering for all eternity :( I weep for my friends and family who reject Jesus and His ways...I pray that they come to Jesus and believe and repent and trust solely in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior....His grace and salvation is free for anyone who wants it....true Christians are more interested in bringing people to Jesus so that they might be saved from that horrible fate that all of us deserve...we all are sinners including is impossible to be perfect ...except for Jesus...He was perfect and He willingly went to the cross for you and me so that we might be saved....He died a horrible gruesome death to saves us...and then rose from the dead....and now sits in heaven waiting to return at the time of the Fathers choosing...the bible has our history in it...when you allow Him to change you it all comes alive and your view of the world changes....there is only one way to be saved...and its a narrow way....and there's a way to know when you are saved ...because He keeps us on that narrow path once we trust Him with everything in our lives...He is our Maker we need to humble ourselves and beg Him too save us from that horrible fate of pain and suffering for all eternity....not just a week of horrible pain...not just 100 years of pain but pain for all eternity!! forever and ever never ceasing :( its a scary truth...but it is the truth...truth.will always prevail in the end....because it is the truth...

We live in a global society, copy the best, Tailwan for healthcare, Finland for education, Singapore for social security, Norway for ethics and democracy, where paid political advertising (the very opposite of free speech) is totally banned.... lift your heads, and look over the horizon..... not the heavens

I'm pretty sure it was Peter Singer from the Brookings Institute, the expert on national security/defense who joined Obama's team, not Peter Singer the bioethicist. Look at the Wiki article for Peter W. Singer and you'll see he served on Obama's team.

Are these quotes then not from Singer? <br />
<br />
I was told that we associate with folks who are like us. If you want to know your future, look at who your friends are. <br />
<br />
Trying to invoke bullshit from the the 10th century or whereever you driveled that jaundic **** up is idiotic. <br />
<br />
If you are defending a guy who has said things as horrible as this (if these quotes are true), I'd like to know why.

Penguin, the reason why this is scary is because it's how the KKK think. GOT IT!!!!!

Penguin, do you have any argument here that doesn't drvolve into a apologist Straw Man tactics?

you didn't seem to think so a few days, in fact you fr<x>amed his views in terms of christian values. Now I am no ethicist, but I think the only line of attack against Singer would be religious. Then again maybe not, because it's apparently okay to kill doctors who run abortion clinics. Isn't it supposed to be up to god to decide who lives or dies? isnt' that what the conversation is about?

please explain to me how christianity has brought greater humanity to the world. <br />
you know, the part you deemed irrelevant.

please explain to me how christianity has brought greater humanity to the world. <br />
you know, the part you deemed irrelevant.

It's not my responsibility to address Peter Singer's views. I think I did already. <br />
One man's views don't hold sway over the entire administration. <br />
Explain to me first how Christianity brought the concept of the sanctity of human life to the world. You deleted my remarks because they have everything to do with christianity's humanity or lack thereof<br />
Christians in america condone the murder of abortion doctors. How does that make sense. You have blithely assumed that Singer's views will hold sway. <br />
Explain to me how they will? And if they did. <br />
Bring me the evidence and stop with the fux news innuendo. <br />
You deleted the views on christianity because I called you on a basic falsehood.<br />
The dangerous and scary thing about people like you is that you create the pretense of engaging in civilized debate. <br />
You're nothing but a moronic demagogue.

I would like to comment, but I'm just now finishing off my oldest daughter with some fava beans slurp,slurp.<br />
Oh we silly liberals

So what you're implying is that Singer's views (which happen to be a lot more nuanced than your conveniently short synopsis) will now become the views of the Obama administration.. <br />
Hmmmm.. help me out here. By refusing to explain, you're invoking the magical principle of contagion. In primitive societies, it was believed that people could contract jaundice by being close to gold, because the jaundiced skin is yellow.<br />
<br />
So by hanging around Singer, Obama will be infected by his views. <br />
Let me ask you a question? If you are a christian, why do you invoke the heretical principles of magic?<br />
<br />
Oh, and another thing....<br />
<br />
if Christianity introduced us to the 'dignity of human life' why has it been used as a tool to suppress and kill millions of people?<br />
The Crusades. The Spanish Inquisition. name but a few