I'm A Woman, But I'm Not A Feminist.

So last night I was on a Lana Del Rey forum, and lots of girls were complaining because Lana posed naked - they were saying she was sending the wrong message to girls and blah blah blah. But anyway, I got in a long debate with one of the girls and she basically told me I'm not a woman because I'm not a feminist.

Do you know why I'm not a feminist? Because, I believe in equal rights for EVERYONE. Whether you're a man, woman, you're gay, your skin colour, etc. Everyone should be treated like a human. Why do we need to be singled out on our sex to feel equal to a man?

I think everyone has a choice - whether they're a woman or not.

I'm so fed up with other women getting butthurt over everything as well, it's like, really? They use the 'feminist' argument far too much.

I was just infuriated that a girl who I don't even know said I can't be a woman because I'm not a feminist. It's just my opinion at the end of the day, whether anyone likes it or not.
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Things like that **** me off to no end.

Its difficult for both men and women to reject feminism. Much more difficult to.speak out against it. Little boys are taught to not make girls cry. This translates into "please women" in adulthood. When a man stands up and speaks against feminism the whole world shouts him down. Women tell him that he is hurting them (misogynist). Men reject his manhood by enforcing the will of women. "If you want my approval you will shut him up."
For women who reject feminism you face other women trying to reject your womanhood. Their is no one more threatening to a female feminist than a woman who rejects and speaks against feminism.
Bottom line feminist are afraid of you.

Well, they can be 'afraid' of me all they like but my opinion's not going to change. Everyone should be equal, no matter what - why would I only think that only women should be equal? Downright ridiculous.