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When I was younger, I honestly used to act like I was. But I didn't know much then. All I knew was what my mum had told me, and that was that basically, men are sh!t.

Thesedays I think feminism is a bit one-sided-- and by that I mean all it seems to be half the time is women wanting all the rights, ect, but forgetting that it's supposed to go both ways-- men are entitled to this and this and this, ect. I also think that feminists will jump down your throat about anything. They're paranoid about certain things being 'sexist', and see sexism everywhere when that's not always the case.

I have a lot of people I chat online with. One used to be my 'best friend' when I was around 16. She was younger than me at the time. We ended up falling out, then years later (I'm 19), she emailed me randomly saying she missed talking to me. So we got talking again, less casually than last time (I'd learnt to rely less on people on the internet, lol). We'll call this girl C.

One thing I've noticed about C is that she always has to be following something obsessively. A TV show, fashion, singing or writing. This might sound weird, but I think she really wants to be something, only a little too much. She can't just have 'interests', she has to name herself as a singer or a writer. Get my point? Well anyway, each time I spoke with her, it would be like 'oh god, what's she obsessed with now?' and suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, she's completely dedicated to women's rights. While I agree with a lot of what she's said, I think she's a little er... crazy. The way she goes on about women needing rights-- it's almost like she's sexist against herself after awhile. I mean, this world isn't so backward that women don't at least have basic rights. But her attitude is just making as out we don't have squat. It annoys me.

She showed me some video on youtube of these people going on about how bad 'men's magazines' are. How evil, basically. Well that bugged me. I mean, come on. To have the assumption for starters that aaall the models in those magazines don't really want to be in them. That they're being treated badly or something. It's their own fricking choice if they want to be in those magazines. The people in the video were trying to take the magazines away or some sh!t like that. I think that's just ridiculous. And also, wouldn't that mean we'd have to take away any magazines that have nude photos of men in them? Not in these people's heads. Because the only one who needs rights is women apparently.

See? It all just bothers me after awhile.

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I have to agree with you for the most part. I'm not sure what you mean by "mens magazines" though - were you referring to playboy or a magazine that does not contain nude pictures of women?
I did a report on this in high school and another one in college. Many of the women's magazines I purchased contained soft core semi-nude pictures of men and contained headings such as "why some men make great pets", "how to properly train your man" and discussed males as if they were animals that could be domesticated.
As far as equal rights is cocnerned, I can only draw from my own personal experiences - the majority of the women in my life want equal pay, but when it comes to equal work they stomp their feet and say things like "they shouldn't make a woman do this type of work.., this is men's work!"
Go figure - equal rights campaign has been stolen by men who have been brainwashed into thinking men are pigs. Have you ever heard the phrase "female feminist pig"??

I urge people to read the articles at mensnewsdaily.com. Then you will understand why the ERA is not a hot issue. Women's rights are already far greater than men's rights in America, and have been for a long time, and that's why the whole ERA thing fizzled out in the first place. The enormous anti-male bias of our laws and our judicial culture is causing men to lose interest in marriage, and this is bad for the whole society, including contributing to the sociological decline in female happiness, which really kicks in strongly when women reach the age when they realize it's a lot harder to find a husband. I said more on this at <a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/question..." target="ep_blank">http://www.experienceproject.com/question...</a><br />
People, things need to change, and it's not becoming more like Sweden, which is farther down the tube than we are.

I AM A FEMINIST. That's because I'm someone who believes wholeheartedly in equal treatment for men and women. Both sexes have inequities that need desperately to be put to rest. I'm the one who is spearheading Florida's ratification bills of the EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT that barely missed passing in 1982 by THREE STATES! Florida is one--I'm the unpaid, official lobbyist running 2 ERA corporations for the good of all and with 300 000 supporters in 300 + major organizations, 7 newspapers, all of Florida's county commissions (67) in writing, 49 bill cosponsors, 2000 very active Activists and 7 regional directors.<br />
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WE DON'T FOOL AROUND when it comes to injustice!<br />
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I have spoken before the Florida legislature: "You have seen me in the halls of Florida's capitol and in your offices. You are going to keep seeing us (ERA Inc) there, whether in a wheelchair and ON OXYGEN! <br />
But WE are gonna' DO this.<br />
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No way is "every nation since WWII going to have an ERA (they DO)" and America be without!<br />
<br />
ALL are warmly welcomed to : www.RatifyERAflorida.net (a national ERA site) to find out what it REALLY means to be a feminist and fight for justice for BOTH men and women! <br />
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It narks me that so many people believe wrongly that a feminist must bash men. NO. MOST should, I believe, not project the blame for their condition on someone else. WE MUST accept responsibility for the choices we make ourselves. A small caveat here: Sometimes the "choices" are carved out for us by society (who was it anyway who told us all during the 50s that women could only be nurses, librarians and teachers?? I turned out to be a nurse practitioner because of that--glad I did and I LOVE it! But I wear a lot of different hats, and love that too~!<br />
<br />
Join me at www.RatifyERAflorida.net and get to know a REAL feminist. I do this for YOU, your children, theirs, theirs, and theirs..and I do it 18/7 for free for the past 8 years. You'd be amazed at how many men and women don't believe that we need guaranteed equal treatment in the US Constitution. I DO. Do you?<br />
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Email me after you go to my site, www.RatifyERAflorida.net. I would LOVE to hear what you think . I am very open to constructive disagreement, as I tend to be wrong just as everyone else is now and then.<br />
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I am here to encourage dialog between the sexes. I think we can build a stronger America, more sexual harmony, fewer divorces, cohesive families, economically stable comunities by making equality America's standard as it is in law in Norway and Sweden and enlightened countries. And I don't just THINK that; there are studies that say just that. Ask me about them. But write me!!! yaaaaaaaaaay<br />
<br />
If you are a boy or a man, if you are a woman or a girl, the Equal Rights Amendment is for YOU. No dues, no heavy lifting, no Big Bossy people. Just me and 300 000 0thers wanting to improve your situation and that of America's. "We don't DO small stuff."<br />
Sandy Oestreich, RatifyERA@cs.com for more info--no obscenities accepted.<br />
Founder/ Pres. of Equal Rights Alliance, Inc and VP of ERA Education Inc<br />
Professor Emerita, NY; fmr. elected official; nationally certified nurse practitioner; co-author, internationally distributed pharmacology reference texts, mother of two; married to a warm, funny, feminist guy; and windsurfer

FateCantDecide, I congratulate you for rising above the anti-male sexism your mother tried to instill in you. Please keep speaking out and trying to influence your friends against this totally useless hatred and paranoia. Nothing in this is going to make for a happy life for C.

Thank you for that. <br />
My wife tried to be a Feminist for a day. So I played along. I would not open doors, or wait for her to order first, and a bunch of other things. She realized that men aren't all that bad. In fact she makes more than me and I am cool with that. It does not mean that she has to act like a guy either. We are very equal on most things.

Thanks for saying so. =]