A Little Confused

Last night was my portfolio show.
I am not going to say that I wasn't "flirty" (playful and lighthearted) but I definitely wasn't "flirting" (acting romantic or 'interested') with anyone.

Unfortunately, that doesn't matter in some cases.
Today, after my potfolio show, I received a very awkward email from an employee of a very, very well known game company. It was awkward in the sense that this person was obviously asking me out on a date... how is one capable of maintaining a professional relationship with someone when rejecting them? I was also hoping that if I played my cards right, I'd still be able to have this person as a friend. That, as it seems, is not an option.

They were still very nice after finding out that I am in a committed relationship, stating they would still be willing to write me a letter of recommendation, etc, but were no longer interested in meeting up to chat. I don't know, even with that professional relationship as reassurance, I feel kinda sad?

Having a boyfriend eliminates friendships?

Silly thinking.
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1 Response Dec 15, 2011

This sort of behaviour seems to be common...cheer up there's better things ahead in life.