I Love My Block Button

Yes, I realize I have made posts about the things lacking in my love life. That, however, does not mean I have any interest what so ever in you or the sad and pathetic little attempt you want to try and make to somehow "fulfill" me. I am not going to exchange erotic emails or stories with you and I have no interest what so ever in the skills you profess to have with women when the truth is you are surfing this site 24-7 in a vain and desperate attempt to connect with anyone that may even give you the slightest time of day. Please go away. Do not hit my fan button, do not send me emails, and do not for one second think that I would waste even a minute of my precious life giving you a second thought. I only want to speak with people willing to share genuine conversations and experiences. All others just coax me into hitting my trusty little block button...and I gotta tell you...I LOVE my block button.
PandoraAdore PandoraAdore
31-35, F
1 Response Dec 6, 2011

I hear ya babe, I hear Ya!