I'll be blunt about it: Amassing tens and hundreds of people never mattered to me in real life and it doesn't online. I question people who do that. Like, are you that insecure, that lonely you need so many people to form a cult of personality around you when you know good and well you will talk to maybe less than a fraction of those people in the end? I question people who see me post an experience here and then 5 minutes later I get an add. Okay. Did you even shoot me an email and talked to me first, THEN add me after you got to know me? I mean, I never got that. I also don't get the rapid adding if I commented on their question or experience. Whats up with that? All said and done, they just end up collecting dust on my friend's list. In the end I had to delete a lot of people I added because what's the use of "friends" if you don't act like it? Nobody ain't got time for that.
Lov3intheasylum Lov3intheasylum
36-40, F
Aug 30, 2014