I'm feminine and enjoy doing girly things but I'm also not afraid to break a nail or mess up my hair. I like to have fun!

I know a couple of women who are extremely girly and I find it restricting being around them for too long. I just find that after a while I get bored of talking about fashion, make-up, guys and gossip. Of course I enjoy my girl time and talking about these things but to a point.

I find it unnerving being around people that constantly think about their looks and having to affirm that their clothes look amazing and sexy and that they are the cat's meow. Of course on occasion I don't mind giving input and will also ask for it myself but it's not the center of my thoughts.

I went on a boat trip and when we were docked in the ocean, most of the girls just sat around sipping their drinks and looking pretty. I on the other hand dove off the boat into the freezing cold Pacific ocean for as long as I could. It was freaking cold but so amazing and exhilarating.

But hey, I also like getting dressed up for a night on the town so it's not like I'm a complete tomboy just sometimes.
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1 Response Sep 2, 2014

Dont worry i'm not a girly girl either. My purses cost more than my outfits.