i don't wear dresses. skirts maybe...i don't like shopping for clothes. i hate shoes. i don't like to gossip about cute guys and bitchy girls and....i don't wear
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Jeans and t shirt. Thats it. Lol. The hair on my head henry! Gosh. *hits him with a pillow* bf.

I see a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. And what exactly do you shave? ;)

that's me too :) bf.

I prefer jeans or slacks to dresses. I prefer casual comfort over glitz and glamour. I'm not what you would call a plain jane - I like to look neat.Rarely do I wear high heels. I prefer the company of little boys over little girls because I'm more comfortable playing ball than painting fingernails.

Lol whoa whoa not a wig...she shaves it off lol. and i'm NOT a tom boy...that's what i was trying to say. i don't think a girl who doesn't act "girly" is a tom boy. i am in a different class of femininity...not either or. get me? lol

A wig?? And tomboy doesn't always mean "plain-jane"

and very 'plain jane-ish' don't i ? lol..........i forgot to mention the hair...occasionally that comes off

You sound very down to earth