I Failed Them...:( :(

I feel so guilty that I coulnd't be a good son to my parents. we lived in such poverty that they can't afford a failure like me. and I am ashamed of myself. I see people some successful people who take care of their parents and financial problems. but I am a burden.

I wanted them to be a proud of me. It's not that I didn't try. I tried but always failed. things just don't work. Maybe, I am destined to be failure. Serving our parents is the greatest good thing we can do in this life but I have even failed in this. I am sad because I will never get this chance again.

Those who get this honor are extremely lucky.If there is any life after death, I wish to be born to same parents. and I want to give them all the happiness they deserve. I want to repay their love, want to be a good son they can be proud of. I just want their forgiveness. but I don't think I deserve it. There were lot of expectations from me. They thought I was going to be different. but I failed them.


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my friend, i also am just the same like you, my parents gave me everything, love, presents money and i still failled them. its ruf but i have to make it in life. If one day the lord gives mee to choose i will like to have the same family and not repeat the same errors i always did. So try like mee, let the past back and look forward, doe your best to bee a good boy, and give them joy.

thanks for your comment Luisinho. I am really trying.

I am sorry to hear about your situation. I can't imagine the sorrow, pain and shame you must have went through from losing everything. Please don't be discouraged. You have not failed your parents. In fact you've honored your parents by making plans to make returns to them and doing your best to realize that. There are many sons/daughters who do not have your commendable, honorable mindset. Your adversity was also due to external factors that was beyond your control. Your parents will understand. <br />
I believe God will see you through this difficult time.

thank you wancy. I really needed those words. I hope things will get better.

I lost everything in 2007. Job, house, car you name it. I was basically on the street. I cut off all contact with my parents because of my shame. I grew up in a strict financially responsible family and I had always been but once the money started flowing in I got greedy then I screwed up. My parents have no idea where I am and I am too ashamed to even attempt to contact them. Trying to restart my life from scratch at 40.

thanks slak, your comment means lot to me.

i know how you feel i love my parents so much they do everything they can for me but i constantly fail them i wish i could redo it all.

thank you all for your kind words. I am trying my best to be a good son. sometimes I think it's beyond my ability. but I have got a life, it's a chance for rme. I must try. thanks so much.

at least U had parents that loved U

your love is the greatest gift.......your honor it repays them...your happiness is what they would want,that I could almost promise!