Always Mistaken For One

I live in the American South, so everyone assumes I'm some kind of hippie just because I have long hair and a beard; especially in the summer, when I usually wear shorts and sandals because it's too damn hot outside.

But that's just fine with me, though. At least around here, people think that just because you look like a hippie, you are one and therefore won't stand up to anyone who tries to harass you. Many a drunken redneck have gone down to the floor after making the foolish assumption, "Oh, hurr, he's just a durn hippie librul, he won't fight back!"
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OK, I am a hippy. I am a full-on hippy. This means that I do care when vulnerable people are being hurt, I do care that young men are fighting in wars and getting traumatised by what they have seen, I do mind that our planet is being screwed up by a'holes who are too busy trying to get as much as they can out of this world and put as little in as humanly possible in. Yes, I do have long hair (even now at age 59). As for being a push over, well, ask the people who I fight...MPs, the Home Office, shops who do not give decent service, those who are abusing animals, or children, or vulnerable adults...I have been called a lot of things "*****" being par for the course, "hippy", "tree-hugger", "bleeding hearts liberal" too (though the Liberals in this country have not exactly lived up to my expectations) but the one thing that people have NOT accused me of is not fighting hard enough.