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Understatement of the Century!

Not a huge fan? I hate them. I think there is a poster that sums it up perfectly, but I can't find an image of it. It's basically got four brains. Three are the same size, with a title saying 'Indian', 'African' and 'British' or something like that, and the fourth is a fraction of the size and is titled 'Racist'. I think that says it all.

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It's very short sighted. I am sure that things are getting better, over time, but in a patchy way. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who finds racism odd. To the extent that it exists, individuals and society lose a great deal through it. A totally negative characteristic.

I think it was Queen Victoria who upset her courtiers by having close friendships with people of other races. She literally could not understand racism. The concept was totally alien to her. She couldn't put herself into a racist's shoes and say, "I disagree with you, but understand where you are coming from".<br />
<br />
We've come a long way, since then, but unfortunately racism still lurks there. I'm of the Queen Victoria school: I can't get my brain round it, at all.