Too Gay, Or Not Too Gay? That Is The Question

Well i'm new here so i dont know how to start off so i'll get right into it. I am a Very sexually active female I love........for lac of a better word. Penis. Lately i've been havingvery explicit dreams. People like Co CO. you no Ice-T's wife, the former **** star. Its very obvious that she's very......endowed with top and bottom but i never thought i would even entertain the thoughts that were in my head about her. I had plenty of other dreams after her and as much as I am a little icked out about i,. (No offense to lesbians, I have nothing against them but I just never thought I would look at another female the way I look at a man.) I have to admit that i'm now looking a little more closely at the shape of a woman. Am I gay, curious or just freakin confused?
StacieM StacieM
18-21, F
2 Responses May 24, 2012

Honestly, my experiences from college and some older (not OLD) women, most women are bi or bi-curious from about high school age to like 30-35 years old. Some younger, some older but it's just exploration an satisfying your sexual curiosities...which everyone does in some way or another. Almost all guys compare dicks in elementary school and do the show me yours and I'll show you mine with girls too. In college people are more open-minded to possibilities and I say go with it. It don't make you a lesbian if you still like ****, and so what if you do find out you like women better. It's your life, live it up!