I Totally Wish I Was A Lesbian

I know my family (including a lot of extended family) simply wouldn't approve of me being a lesbian/ bi/ having sexual relations with a woman. That's pretty much the only reason why I wish I was one. I mean I'm already not their favorite person. I'd start a mutiny for sure.

I wouldn't have the heart to be in a relationship with a woman just because my family would be totally against it. That is totally the wrong reason. :(

So I'm stuck liking men, as I'm supposed to. *sulks*
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2 Responses Sep 24, 2012

So, let me think about this. You like the oppisit sex for sex, but the idea of being gay or (at least) bi seems like a good thing because it would **** with the brains of your family.

Works for me.

Just start hanging around Lesbian bars and get a new (very butch) best friend. Maybe ask your least favorite aunt if your new friend can come with you to a birthday party of niece's softball game.

It isn't about the act, it is about the perception. Perception equils reality (Lee Atwate), just not your reality.

you could always experiment a bit you may change your mind. I'm not a blood relative but I wouldn't mind that at all.

you kinda made me smile. :)