I've Always Suspected I Was A Natural Lesbian, It Just Never Seemed Appropriate.

I can't remember ever being attracted to men and even more so now as I am older, but does that automatically mean I am a lesbian? Until recently, I have just always referred to myself as being asexual. I'm not attracted to men, but yet don't know where or how to show my affection for females. Since nobody in my family is homosexual, it just seemed odd to show attraction towards the same gender. So growing up, I attempted the heterosexual approach. I rarely dated, but the few times that I did it was more less a friend type bond. I was never sexually intimate, it just seemed disgusting and pointless to me. I was repulsed by the thought of something entering my body, let alone someone else's body fluids and getting all wet and sticky among other reasons. I'd let him play with my boobs, and I'd force myself to touch his *****. I just always felt as I was missing out. He seemed to be having fun, moaning while he was sucking my nipple and caressing my breast. And I don't mind sharing my beauties, I've just always wanted the same experience! I think breast are beautiful, but who doesn't? Right? Even at the age of 29, I have never had the opportunity to experience what another woman feels like. Am I a lesbian, even though I have never been with a woman? I'll let ya'll decide. And hopefully someday I will gain the experience to make an accurate determination of my feelings and sexuality.
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3 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Ahs- Just because you haven't actually had an experience with another woman doesn't mean that you're not lesbian.

Just as a person who identifies as heterosexual doesn't have to necessarily have had to had a sexual experience with someone of the opposite sex to know that they are attracted to them. :)

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