New Group - Yippeee!

 I haven‘t come across any groups with a very similar title and so ended up creating one. This is for any men who choose to go against male stereotypes, or find themselves doing so by an accident of genes or upbringing.... I‘m also hoping the occasional lady will drop by and provide witty or informative commentary :-)

My own experience is a mixed one - I was brought up in a pretty evenly balanced family in terms of numbers, although my dad is not a dominant character at all, went to ordinary schools where boys are expected to behave badly and like sports, had eyesight problems which made me timid with sports and consequently focused on work, became a bit of a geek and in time a social outcast, had mostly male friends, liked science and maths and ‘manly‘ things like automobiles and mountaineering, studied a creative subject at college which meant I was mixing mostly with girls, became more popular as a result, ended up working in a male-dominated environment but making good friends while I was there...

In the past I used to worry about being, or seeming gay - a label which most heterosexual men are very keen to avoid, and which would have been extremely embarrassing in the town I come from. Now I‘m much more confident, and my fashion sense gets ever more metrosexual as the months go by. A few days ago I was out at a bar and got asked ‘are you gay?‘ twice within one evening - a few years ago that would have been absolutely mortifying, but now I was able to laugh and say ‘well, actually, no‘.

So I thought this might be a good place for closet ‘girly men‘ to talk openly, whatever your orientation, and to reassure each other that there is no rule that says all men must be ‘macho‘.

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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I can't stand men who act all macho. I prefer "girly" men. Pretty boys. Whatever. They are more interesting. Freer. Often much prettier. I'll take that over a manly man any day of the week. I think you are cool!

for sure, cuter too ;)

well damn, someone deleted the comment you commented on... oh, well... I may not be witty, but I can say that I like a metroman... give me a jared leto over a clint eastwood anyday, mmm....