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Yep, there are a lot political discussions and groups popping up everywhere on EP. I tend to avoid them, as they are simply black-and-white groups of "liberals vs. conservatives" or "Republicans vs. Democrats". And as far as I'm concerned, I'm in the gray area of politics. =p

Sure, I voted Democrat this year. But I only voted in that way, because the Democratic Presidential Elect made a better argument than the Republican one. If it was reversed, I would have voted Republican! :-D

The way I operate is, I have one vote, so might as well use it on the person who makes the best argument and lay out the best plans. Doesn't mean they will come through with all the promises... all politicians are not to be trusted anyways. But, I vote from the gut, not the party. So, I have no political "team" that I am for, one way or another. To me, those are just titles. What is important is, who gets the job done and how well will they do it.

I didn't like our last President, because he screwed up SO much! He could have been a liberal and a Democrat and I'd still not like him, all the same. He left the country in a mess for any other new President to take on. Which is rude! It's like handing the keys over to a house, only for the buyer to open the door and walk in to a place in shambles. Meanwhile the previous owner of the house has driven away and don't have to worry about the repairs. Nice! :-/

But, I am not Republican or Democrat... I'm not conservative or liberal. I'm just Dani and I vote for the best speaker, then cross my fingers and hope that the President carries out his (or her) promises. =p

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2009

well i voted democrat also i love obama tho its true.

I have never voted period. Money runs this country. That and ethnicity. That's changed this time however. If I understand it correctly it's the electorial votes that decide who wins and not every vote that comes in so to me voting is a sham because if a person gets 50,000 votes and 4 electorial votes and the rival get 3,000 votes and 56 electorial votes the rival wins. Individual voting is a waste of time and unless the system changes to where each individual vote counts in addition to electorial votes if they HAVE to have them at all.