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Further damning info on how sick and perverted the music industry and Hollwood really are, your soul is worth more than a big contract or business deals. The Illuminati really have portrayed a 21st century version of Sodom and Gomorrah and many famous people are only so because of the sexual depravity and blood sacrifice their careers are built on.

Important note: It is essential for us to understand the nature of the industry, that these people are likely NOT in control of their lives or the music they make. Therefore while we can see the interactions of these pawns, we must further consider the motives and actions of the handlers and those who are really in charge. 

Famous People Sacrificed

... who were killed for making the wrong decisions


There is also a lot of talk about Beyonce being the next major sacrifice, although the elite have rewarded Jay-Z for his loyalty they still need this to cement the deal. It looks like many of these occult linked celebrities have fallen into the depths of wickedness and some have even taken the microchip like Jay Z. Many of these celberities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are realted to these elite families, but others are not. Most ones who are not were never rich in material and possesions but more importantly soul and they sold it.

BABYLON ... THE *****


 There are historical accounts of these entities exiting throughout the world, but since Sumeria and Babylon they have gained too much power over the human mind.

The entertainment industry is rife with it, films that involve dark themes usually sacrifice a actor/actress as a part of a ritual.







Katy Perry Tells young girl to sell her soul to Satan for power


Satanic movie industry uses celebrities and movies stars to dupe the general public into giving up their souls willingly or unknowingly.

The more celebrities are willing to compromise their morals and values, the quicker they move up the ladder of stardom. 


Your Response


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I might be signing with a record label/management company in the near future and if there is ONE THING in that contract about selling my soul, sacrifices etc., the deal is off. This life is about the equivalent of 5 minutes long compared to eternity and would never sell out kill my loved ones. You people who're so eager to sell-out may want to reconsider. These performers are nothing but slaves with big bank accounts. Bigger slaves than you and I are.

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Are you kidding me?! You guys want to sacrifice your family member just so you could be famous, wow and when YOU die where is that all gonna go? Sure as hell it ain't gonna go wit you when you die. Greedy ppl smh -_-

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Ya'all should be arrested for this BS. You are offering to have your family MURDERED for money???? What kind of people are you??? Sick. Ya'all are sick just like this inustry is. Sick machine that pumps out disease inot our communities. I sometimes wonder about my own soul, and how Yahweh can love such a sinner as I am. I'm not sinnless that's for sure. But I can look in the mirror and face what's there knowing that my FATHER loves me and protects mine. My Abba would never reuire me to sacrifice my loved one for my treasure is in Heaven. This worlds going to burn and ya'all going to burn with it. Shalom.

Yes.but here you are in hell.and you hsve to sacrifie a lot for joy.i was a batisze christian.and god gave me even I was loving him.and now I want to chang for some joy atleast.take care

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How more stupid as **** and pathetic can you get then "hello illuminati can I please sell my soul" I thought I had problems but thats the most ridiculous **** ive seen andironically exactly what those in power want everyone to be thinking it doesnt get anymore complacent and sad then that if you think some magical rich guy is gonna jump out of your wall and go "you do?well we have a deal then" and just hand u a million dollars because its people u dont like that u wanna kill you guys are the dumbest sociopaths known to mankind

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You can't sell what has already been submitted! You already belong to lucifer if all you care about are things of this world you'd actually be coward and sick enough to have your whole family killed! You already sold your souls for free. If he got you where he wants you already why the f*** you think he's gonna make you into some hot temake unkess you possess a talent to do his dirt! Either than that you already turned your back on heaven for worldly posessions! 4/10


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LOL are u serious?!