Real Friends

I thought being friends meant hanging out together and just talking about one another's flaws or talking about how cute a guy is... but since I've parted from those friends who hurt me and made me a different person, I've made new friends who I've opened up to. It makes me smile knowing what a true friend is. Being part of the "cool" crowd isn't worth the pain. I'm actually confident now, and I have many friends and they all like me for me. I enjoy hearing my name in the hallway and studying with a buddy and just being able to relax and not check my hair, or my phone to see if Sasha or Vianka texted or have to be dressed uncomfortably because someone was trying to hook my up with someone else. I no longer have to skip class in order to hang out, or skip homework to go to the movies. Although I still go out, I am now responsible. The people who surround you influence you the most, and I'm proof of that.

FinallyHeard FinallyHeard
13-15, F
Mar 15, 2010