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Not A Morning Person!! Oh No No No!! Lol

lol, im just going to bed by the time time that the morning comes around hehe, cos i stay up all night here on ep after work, and i know i dont have to get up early in the morning, and i can sleep until what ever time i like, cos i only go into work later in the afternoon lol, well most of the time anyway!!! i just hate mornings!!! hehe
cowshed123 cowshed123 31-35, M 30 Responses Oct 3, 2010

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awww, we'll just squishy (((hugs))) each other!!!! lol hehe

Not if i squish you first! =P *bug squishy hugs*

yes, your gonna be squishy bug, with lots and lots of cow (((hugs))) hehe

Ahh, I'm gonna get squished! =O *squishy bug* =P

and i love *Floydess* hehe!! (((hugs)))) ((((hugs))))) and more (((hugs))) : )

I ♥ *Mini Moo-Moo*!

ok, you do that hehe!!!

Awww! I'm going to call you my Mini Moo-Moo from now on! =D

yes!! hehe lol!!! a mini moo moo hehe!!!

Hihi, you’re such a calf sometimes, you moo that? =P

oh yes!!! lol, but you know you just love taking care of me like that!!! hehe

Fussy child, aren't you? =O

and i need a goodnight hug as well!!! and a small glass of milk!! then you can tuck me in lol,and switch the light off!!! hehe<br />
<br />
i know what you mean *electricksy* i do the same thing!!! lol, and im almost always just waking up, just after mid day!!! hehe

I stay up so late at times, i'm never truly awake until early afternoon.

Three Little Pigs alright? =) *starts singing you a lullaby* =]

yes, *Floydess* read me a story lol, and you can sing me a lullaby too!!! hehe

Lol, I can put you to bed? Awwwww, would you like me to tuck you in and read a bed time story to you? =P

Lol, I can put you to bed? Awwwww, would you like me to tuck you in and read a bed time story to you? =P

moooo!!! you got me!!! you can put me to bed early, but you cant make me sleep!!!! hehe

*throws a lasso at you and gets it around your neck* "Wooh, *Cowie"! Halt in the name of the Beef!

*runs away from *Floydess* again, and keeps on running* try catch me now *Floydess* : P

*sneaks up from behind Cowie* Hi, again. =P

*runs even further away from "FLoydess"* you'll never catch me now *Floydess* lol : p<br />
<br />
i agree *Gr8white*!! mornings suck lol!!! im usually just getting up around midday!! hehe

Really? ^_- *stands next to you*

hehe, thats what you think *runs away from Floydess* lol

Pfft, like THAT will be difficult! *takes a few steps and is already at your side*

nope lol : P your going to have to catch me first before you can use that whip anyway!!! hehe

*glares* Swap with me NOW or face the consequences! =P *grabs whip* Surrender now and give up your late waking mornings to me or, pay the price....

no no no, i would never trade places lol!!! just as you mention getting up at 06:30 for school, it just brings back all the memories of my time in school, and how i hated getting up for school!!! urgh!!! i prefer staying up late and waking up late any day!!! hehe

Lucky! =( Urgh, I still have to get up at 06:30 for school and I love the night and I'm always so much more active and work better at night, but my parents are like, "Go to bed!" =/ Swap places so that I can stay up late? =D