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Oh I Am Certianly Not A Morning Person....

never have ....... although i admit i smile when i wake up and see my pets. But as far my normal day goes.... ive never been a morning person... im very very quiet and yes sometimes very moody in the mornings... and if i can get away with it, i will go right back to bed until the late afternoon.... even as a kid my father had the hardist time getting me out of bed and ready to school not only am i a very sound sleeper ( when i am truly in a deep sleep my mother says a herd of elephants could walk through and i would not notice) i am very hard to wake up.... my fathers tecnique was to drag me onto the floor and let the dogs wake me up i got very cranky when he or anyone else for that mattter woke me up early in the morning...But when the pets woke me up i might have been cranky at first but i never got mad at them... eventually i smiled and got up .....   Ironicly its the same way today. My little dog is the only one who can get away with waking me up... lol  Thank god I'm self employed. I can get up whenever i want ! lolol But a morning person i will never be....
akasharose akasharose 31-35, F Jun 2, 2011

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