Well, That's Not Entirely True....

I do just fine.... as long as there aren't any other humans around to attempt to engage me in conversation. And the cat doesn't get underfoot. And I've had at least a solid seven. And the dog doesn't jump on me. And the coffee maker doesn't overflow, spilling grinds in the pot. And I don't have to puke. And I didn't have to set an alarm clock for something or other.  And there's hot water.  And my phone doesn't ring.  And I'm not out of cigarettes.  Or half-n-half.   And my wifi connects. And I can find both of my shoes.  And my lighter.  And my keys.  And it's not cold outside.  And it's not raining. Actually, rain is good. I can usually go right back to sleep when it's raining... .  Scratch that last one.
texastomgirl texastomgirl
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2 Responses Apr 24, 2012

haa i so relate!thank youfor this post!

It just goes to show you what all can go wrong before 8 a.m.. And I don't have to work away from home, so it's not like I'm tryin' to get out the door or under pressure of deadline or anything. Still, it ain't pretty!


I gotta laugh about it! It's just how and who I am. I need my space, especially in the a.m.!

Shoot straight from the hip. Life is too short to BS. I like your approach.