Rain On The Tin Roof

A most un welcome noise has disturbed my pleasant dream
I reach out and jam on the "snooze" button
Cover my head with my pillow
and lingering under my big, fluffy blanket
I listen to the sweet pitter, patter of Autumn rain on my ol" tin roof

There it goes again! Oh but it s so cozy,
dog at my feet and my toes warm as toast in my pink bed socks!
And what was that dream?.Forgotten it now, i was so rudely disturbed
by that horrible object on my bedside table!
Maybe i will just close my eyes...just for a little longer
another five minutes won't hurt...
Shall i ring in sick?
...mmm..pitter, patter
rain on my ol" tin roof

shenightowl shenightowl
51-55, F
2 Responses May 7, 2012

The sound of rain is so comforting especially when we all cosy inside, that alarm so intrusive when it wakes me up its like 'what theeeee' .. 'no, it can't be' .. 'its not morning already' .. pitter patter pitter patter awww bliss just five more minutes all cosy and warm .. hehe i agree .. :)

sure is!xx

love it, snooze yea, roll over and enjoy the day

snuggling up under the covers..heehee!