First of all I have no balance right out of bed. I run into walls and doorways until my equilibrium gets back on track. Next my vision is blurred for at least 5 minutes after waking. Finally I need coffee!!
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Me too. I should still be asleep now

In a comment you asked about what makes a person a morning or night person. Here's my experience:
If you have an assignment due tomorrow and you have some serious work left to do to complete it, if you choose to go to bed, get up really early to complete it, you might be a morning person. However, if you feel driven to stay up tonight and complete it before going to bed, if you have time left to sleep, you might be a night person.
When you feel the most comfortable doing your critical tasks and thinking might determine which end of the day you identify with.

Most definitely in the evenings for me, that's when I complete tasks the best.

Check your blood pressure, cut out caffeine for a trial period. Too much salt? Discuss with your doctor, this is not typical for just getting up later.

Thanks for the suggestions! Will look into it :)

I think there is more to that than just not being a morning person.

Okay well then why don't you tell me what qualifies as not being a morning person.

i'm not a morning person but i don't go around bumping into walls and things.

Not everyone is the same as you know. This stuff makes the morning harder than any other time of the day. Therefore I'm not a morning person.

I was just saying there's no need to get aggressive.

Don't mean to seem aggressive. I only wanted to articulate another perspective. That's all!

That's ok

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