But I Have Had the Mis-fortune to Meet One

Never did understand the unrelenting hatred some people can have. I had met this guy once at a party and he seemed normal until he started in with the propaganda.


I never saw a party end so fast without the cops busting it up.

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Thease people are all over where I live Its sureal.

It is a bizarre mind set that rejoices in the suffering of others... when I have been around people like that I totally feel like I need a shower!

I've seen things on the History Channel (I think) showing teens (which is scary) listening to horrible propaganda music, saluting Hitler and talking about how the white people are so suppressed and that we need to take the "homeland" back.<br />
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WTF!?!?!?<br />
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Suppressed?!!? It makes me sick.

They had a show about them on HBO these guys stand around looking at Nazi flims and talik about how great Hitler was {shudder} I'm afraid if you took one back in time they would start joining into the horror

What I find really gross is that they raise their kids with all this hate. Which is child abuse. Filling a child with such hate.

it's a waste of life to hate like that

The world is full of hate and it is always "hate the one who is different".

I agree, it's scary anyone can even think like that

anything that has to do with white supremeists makes me sick!

These kinds of people absolutely make my skin crawl.