I was often called a Nazi, only because my not even very huge knowledge about the history of my country.

Especially my classmates at vocational school see interest in Germany's 30s and 40s and believing in the ideology of that time as equal.

There are some of those narrow minded non-thinkers in my vicinity and I often tell them that I am not one of them, but they just don't listen.

I don't even look like one of them, I mean I have very long hair and I never had clothes, which would indicate me as one of them. The only thing I have in common with some of them is my admiration of the ancient Nordic culture, but as usual they see two different things as the same.

My best friend is right winged, but I just love to talk to him about his believes and he enjoys listening to mine, he never tried to convince me and also I never did, every time I meet him I'm looking forward to interesting debates.

Hacki Hacki
22-25, M
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there has been three dictators in history,and it worked, 1645, 1815, 1933, and it worked ,but but the rest of the time it has never worked,so what does that tell you.

thanks for the kind words

"Nazi" has become an emotionally loaded catchphrase that covers a lot of things, and sometimes people use it without a lot of thought to label someone they don't like. It must be distressing to have that label applied to you so inaccurately. I don't think there's anything wrong with an interest in Nordic culture, so go for it! GA.

I'm glad, you're not. However - can you tell me please, what has ancient Nordic culture to do with nazis? I've never heared that Vikings were racists.