Well That Depends On Who You Ask!

Many people think I'm very, very nice especially when I'm fulfilling their every fantasy.  However, some may think that I'm a cheater and unfaithful to my husband.  I say what he doesn't know won't hurt him.  Furthermore, there are nagging, cold, ******* that deny their husbands warmth, affection and pleasure.  That's what I call "not a nice person"!!!  
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you are so hot sweetheart.

It all depends on how you define your relationship with him...

<p>I don't know your husband, but he might actually enjoy the fact that you engage in sexual activity with others. Telling him is obviously a judgement call on your part. As for myself, I always got off knowing that the lady in my life was getting it from other guys (and gals). My ex-wife used to let me watch her in action sometimes. What a thrill!</P>

i with you all the way and agree, it would be nice and a pleasure to meet someone like you..keep it up, you got mine

I totally agree with you... It's selfish do ask your partner to deny himself pleasure! I would never want my partner to be denied of all the pleasure she can get! If we love eachother, there's no reason to act selfish and jealous!

I can personally identify with your "not a nice person" desc<x>ription