Nudism Is Nonsense

Being a man, I don't find much to see in a nude male body! Yup, I admire a strong, well built male body and got such a body too but I personally think it can be showed without involving the thing dangling in our fronts, which, though an essential part of our masculinity, doesn't offer much to aesthetics.

Female body is a full feast for our aesthetic instinct, with its ups and downs, curves and lines and long hairs, female body is a garden of its own kind, the beauty world of squeezed down into one figure. No wonder women have been inspiration for artists of every age but you can't be an inspiration for everyone, just chose the one whom you can inspire and enrich their life with your shine, being open to everyone will leave you scratched and light of your inspiration blown out in the end.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 13, 2013