Sometimes, Words Just Come Out of Me

and, I can only put them on paper and walk away.  I mostly write prose but, sometimes.....sometimes.....sometimes I just can't express myself the way I need to by just writing my thoughts.  Sometimes, it comes out all abstract....I guess you would call them poems....  These "poems" for me are like paintings or songs....just...sometimes, normal words don't describe how I feel.
MysticWriter MysticWriter
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4 Responses Oct 30, 2006

try to be happy :)

I know exactly how you feel...I do this type of thing all the time. You know what you want to just don't know how to say it

same here sometimes words cant describe the way i feel

All I can think right now is "like, holy ****!". I could have just as well written the same things. It just happens to me sometimes. And sometimes it's a poem.<br />
Sometimes a poem just constructs itself within my mind and I have to write it down, and I hardly ever find much to change afterwards. And then it just lies there. I don't often even take another look at those little pieces of writing. There's something extremely special about them. They are thoughts frozen on paper or in a text file on my hard drive. Thoughts are an immensely special thing. There's something almost holy about the ones that have lasting power.