Orgasmic Hue


Spinning my perception of reality

Reds and greens, purples and blues
All the world is one orgasmic hue.

Lips to part and spread oceans wide open
Waves overlapping, soothing, massaging.

Heated breath floats down my neck;
Running, curling,
Spreading into luke-warm finger-tips that
Caress the small of my back

Voices like melodies,
Singing heaven’s song and
Glittery crystals
Falling from the eye lashes of a child.


I am

The air rushing through lungs made of perfection

I am

Moon beams
Dropping through diamond glass

I am

Of that lil’ *****’s mouth

No Six degrees of separation
No Delineation

Just the realization that
All my rationalizations have
Never been anything more
Than an illusion

Run through space, drapin time over my shoulder
Like it’s some kind of protection

When’s the last time I stopped to look at my own reflection

I mean,
When did I ever really see
The person starin back at me?

I’m sayin:

Wake up

Look around you

If you don’t move from the space you’re in

You’ll be lookin at the same **** the next time you turn around

I’m sayin

I am


Made in the image and likeness of God

I see me standin on the mountain

With my staff and my rod

The whole world in the palm of my hand

Including me

If I step back far enough,
Could I see?
Could I be?
One with everything that is and
At the same time?

Will I stop searchin to find
All the answers
I already am,
Always have been

The plan

Enlightenment makes me high

So I can fly
Cuz I realize
I am the sky

I am me
I am you
I am all the reds, greens, purples and blues

I am

The worlds’ orgasmic hue.

MysticWriter MysticWriter
36-40, F
5 Responses Apr 13, 2008

all that i can say is thank you for sharing that with us, i amn going to reread it again and again to soak it all in.

beautiful awesome keep on writing

this work brought up alot for me straight away and i must admit am crying into keyboard <br />
your soul is so entwined with creativity and your words are like passion


Wow! That is a wondeful piece...