Steps To My Freedom

Now finally after all this time,
i looked right at you,
i have plan to get me through this five months if hell you plan impose on me
i tired of all the fake treaties
these lies
broken promises
shattered dreams
you suffocate me
never can i move an inch without your punch
everything is your way or the highway
no consideration for those on the around you
yet i am perplexing selfcentred ***** from hell,
call me what you want
call me what you will
but come my day
you will be talking to my corpse
because i will be no more
free of this ****
no more screaming
and cussing
just free
free as a bird can be. to
lonesomeallthetime lonesomeallthetime
26-30, F
3 Responses Jan 15, 2012

YOU'LL be talking to my "corpse"... Wow... No I'd rather see "my corpse" as my old self, the one they used to trample over and abuse...once I embrace my new self, my Spirit revived, I would be immune to their S*h*i*t... They can talk trash about me, even try to bring me down, scream as hard as they possibly can trying to inflict more verbal and mental abuse, but it would all be ineffective, for I rose above their mentality, seeing clearly how truly weak they are...when I see they can't hurt me, only themselves... I shall spread my wings and fly...and they'll be too "grounded" to ever catch me and encage me ever again!

very sad and i guess your hurting-<br />
<br />
you want to be free but dont know how<br />
you must find a way and find it now<br />
talking of corpses it just should not be<br />
your sorrow and pain they all must see<br />
lies and promises and shatterd dreams<br />
a life thats full of awfull screams<br />
you must break free and get away<br />
that awfull life you must not stay<br />
<br />

Beautifully painful.