I have to stay you say
no keys, no car, no phone
you run that by me
and spend the night
though you could make it home.

The guest wakes up
a force field of tangled sheets
and blinding light
in the extra room
my chance to be
the perfect host.

In a seaside motel
three of us are sleeping
one is sleeping it off
we eat alone at a wooden table
two plates of oysters
and a pearl.

I ask you to the party
both of you are there
and then we come to dinner
the four of us in
a tower of babel
letters, meetings missed

The gods are on vacation
or like the longer sweeter story
How many times will it take?
How many times are there?

From the brilliant light
to the table
and back again
you are the poet's greatest fear
and the party was for you.

In a force field
of tangled sheets
and blinding light
in a guest room
down the street
I have to stay, I say
no keys no car no phone
though I could make it home.

weathergirl20 weathergirl20
36-40, F
2 Responses Jan 17, 2012

Interestingly passionate timing of your words blended with an edge of reality; simply delightful, thanks for sharing~

(blushing) thank you.

Absolutely Marvelous...Time is always moving, it's up to us to Keep Up!<br />
Love this poem, it s chic, stylish, sexy...wholesomely deviant.<br />
<br />
My only question is, why is there only (twice in the same short sentence) One leave me ravenous for more...feed my mind to satisfy my soul...please.

thanks so much, really nice of you to comment.