Questioning What If

A reconnection with my first love
Made me question what was to be
Was my destiny to move on
Or remain with the man that married me

My live hasn’t always been
How I dreamed it would be
But I know in my heart
My husband still loves me

There were times when I thought
Our marriage wouldn’t make it
Physical and emotional  abuse
Chipped away my love  bit by bit

I guess nothing worth having
Comes without some life pains
Through the trials and hardships of marriage
Our love for one another still remains

 I’m trying to look forward
To a life enjoying our golden years
Hoping that the years ahead are worth
All the years of  pain and tears

I’m  praying for God to help me
To love the one I’m with
To not be controlled by the past
And to stop questioning what if!



dare2love dare2love
56-60, F
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Thank you so much for the nice comment!

Your poetry is beautiful...