Poetry 101

I used to think I wrote poetry that was until I took a poetry class in college. The talk of meterd feet, etc. bewildered me. I didn't remember ever studying that in school. I have written 2 or three poems since that day. I used to write 2 or 3 a day.
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Anyone who has ever written 2-3 poems a day is a born poet. It sounds to me like poetry is one of your natural gifts - whether or not you are any good as measured by conventional standards is simply not irrelevent. <br />
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The technical understanding of poetry is very useful, but it is hardly the determination of whether or not you should write poetry. <br />
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If you once wrote 2-3 poems a day, I firmly believe you should write poetry, if only for yourself! And also to find poets that you admire and learn their poetry. Maybe after that, the technical aspects of poetry will make more sense.<br />
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I highly recommend Mary Oliver's Poetry Handbook: http://www.amazon.com/Poetry-Handbook-Mary-Oliver/dp/0156724006<br />
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It's a book about the technical aspects of poetry written by a great poet. Her own poems are so sparse and clean and simple, she's the last person you'd expect to be writing a book about technical aspects of poetry. But that's what works so well. She can be quite serious about her subject, but don't let that put you off. After all, true passion is serious stuff!

I don't think you need to go to the college to be called a peot. If you have the fanasy and the talent and you write poems then you are a poet

Arther Macliesh says a poem should be "muted, as a globed fruit," meaning the WORDS do not tell the "story," rather how they're put together....like a painting....words are to poems as paint is to paintings. there are no real "rules," i guess