Forbidden Love

A forbidden love is all I have known,
A cut to deap that cannot be sewn,

I saw the sadness in your eyes,
At that time I wish I had said my good byes,

If i would have known it had to end this way,
I wouldn't have let you dance into my heart like a classical ballet,

Everyday I cry,
Just because I could not say good bye,

My feeling had to be kept hidden,
Since we both knew this love was forbidden,

Only if I would have destroyed that letter,
This would have all been better,

As I try to let go of my emotions with every tear,
I find my feelings do not dissapear,

There is one thing I got from all of this madness,
A life time worth of sadness.

~Original poem by me~

CrazedTeenager CrazedTeenager
18-21, F
1 Response May 17, 2008

I love it. I'm so afraid that my reconnecton with my first love will leave me feeling the same way, but for now I can't let go.