I Lost My Faith, My Hope And My Love

Thought of death and it looked us in the eye
Drowning in this state it sealed your faith
A cloud of cigarette smoke penetrates the house
But second hand smoke does not touch anyone

Only we deliberately kill
Only when you take your own will
The addiction has many masters
When you missing pictures are plastered

How well did we know ourselves
Your stupidity reached infinite size
Seven deadly sins help to devise
Nature and nurture brings out its vice

Are you a Christian, Muslim, a Jew?
Are you a someone who often feels blue?
Once a believer now God took a walk
When danger is near you pray for some luck

When it due us part i will remember
How we used to take walk in the september
Seasons come and seasons go
But memory of you stays for ever

I lost my faith, my hope and my love
Money will never buy what it's worth
Now I take morning and evening pills
Whatever is left of my emotional spills

At day time I look for the night
At night time I look for the night
I no longer see God's chosen plan
Big stains of my family's pain

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Jun 28, 2012