Faceless Girl 3 - Lost Love

Separation - even for a moment is painful. May be temporary, a minute
misunderstanding, it is tough to sail that phase through. On the flipside, it is then we realize the meaning of each other. How incomplete it is without the other... Wish nobody find themselves in it - for long...

Oh my heart, the sadness is spreading over you
The loneliness is so deep and heavy
All my way, silence is showering
The sorrow in the eyes make it full

Tell me why it happened
That, all the lights have blown
Who was with me, I lost him

You see, it happens every time
Whoever has to leave, left me
Then why you are crying my heart

Who'd forgot you, it's time for you to forget him
Else, with me, you may also get hurt by the memories

Dear Heart, listen
Do not feel hurt

Tell me my heart
I always listened to you

Why the sorrow eclipse me
Should I get this life-long punishment

I knitted the dreams, and now I got this agony
I used to sing, and all I got this silence

All my wish gone waste
All my dawns are alone

GirlThinking GirlThinking
26-30, F
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really gud ..

Not an original...

so copy from google ..