Ok people this is the poem i wrote for my girl..it is the actual story...stated shortly here...well the girls long gone now..but just the memories remain...it contains the true feelings i had..so presenting to you...


The rains have come and yet again,
Distances between us have found no end,
I wonder how long will they remain,
But till they do will give me pain.

What a beautiful Sunday morning that was,
When I first looked at you and had to pause,
So beautiful and radiant you were looking to me,
My first love? Yes it had to be.

The wind that blew made your hair flutter,
It was then I was forced to utter,
Yeah she’s the one I’m looking for,
But what to do it’s neither and nor.

Then the gift of friendship came,
And I was one who took the blame,
For my heart that was going to cleave,
Since I was the one taking leave.

And then when I was far away,
From time to time I used to sway,
To the world where you were found,
But then I returned back to ground.

Then came the days of lasting rain,
And I went through a series of pain,
Then I disclosed the feelings I had,
And yes was what you had said.

Now it’s been years since that day,
And this wait ought to pay,
Though, rains have come and yet again,
Distances between us have found no end.


POST-NOTE : Me and my friend have decided to make a song out of this....we have got the tune ready and are just waiting till april to record it... :D

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14 Responses Nov 21, 2008

Aw dude! Thats an honour! I havent read much of your stuff, I think i need to look!<br />
<br />
Bows back! :)

This is a magnificent poem. Filled with love yet in the end is painted in sadness at the loss of love. Your talent is extraordinary Floydian.<br />
I bow to a better poet.

Thats better now! :)

Lol ioanna, just remember you dont need to go about thanking for each damn stuff, all right?

For what? God, you make me feel as if i am pulling you off a favour each time!

Aww, I am so happy that I was able to put a smile on your face! :)

*Blushes like hell* :D

There is still a while till I can record it, but now I know something that I can do for you! Yipee!

You just flatter me to the bursting point..thanks a mammoth for that kinda encouragement :)

IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!!! *clapping* hahahhaa! ^_^ U should make it a song... its breath-taking!


beautiful :)

Hey thanks for the wishes and the applaud... :D

Thanks a ton for all the encouragement...it really helps you produce better stuff! :D