For Whoever Feels Like It...

... I don't get direct inspiration from anywhere, I don't know poetry, in fact, I very much dislike poetry in general, but couple of years ago, out of nowhere, I said to myself "Let me write a poem now" and I did. All other poems I wrote came to me the same way "Let me write a poem now", out of the blue, just because. Of course they are relevant to the current situation/feelings, but there's no inner energy flow or whatever people get when they're inspired.

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Say what you think. Don't think you need to be nice. I would appreciate any type of criticism.

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I SEE<br />
<br />
I see you looking at me<br />
with eyes full of hope and waiting.<br />
You see me looking at you<br />
with eyes full of doubtful heart.<br />
<br />
I hear you thinking of me<br />
with thoughts full of will and intention.<br />
You hear me thinking of you<br />
with thoughts full of dying end.<br />
<br />
I feel how you're feeling me:<br />
with heart full of priceless possession.<br />
You feel how I'm feeling you:<br />
so desperate not having my heart....<br />
<br />
<br />
Evelina Pavlova <br />
Copyright ©2007 Evelina Pavlova

<br />
What is the color you see in the sky?<br />
it is the color of peace.<br />
What is the color you see in your eyes?<br />
it is the color of hope<br />
<br />
What is the music you hear in your head?<br />
it is the music of love<br />
What is the music you play in your mind?<br />
it is the music of bliss<br />
<br />
Find your own color, the color of peace<br />
whether it's yellow or green<br />
Find your own music, the music of bliss<br />
whether it's shallow or deep<br />
<br />
Evelina Pavlova <br />
Copyright ©2007 Evelina Pavlova

it's funny! the exact same thing happens to me with poetry! stuff just comes out of me sometimes and i don't know what else to call it but "a poem." you should post a few of your poems here so i can read them! i don't have time to do a bunch of surfing when i get on line but i'd love to read your poems!!