Save Me, Sandman

It probably won't be all that amazing, but it's how I was feeling while I couldn't sleep last night, thinking of how boring and adventureless this world really is.

As the narnian night falls
Sandman lends a hand
Whisking me away to the sunshine land
I stand on the cliff and stare out to this perfect world
realizing the dream will not last, I jump
Into his waiting arms I fall like a trap
I give myself in to my masochistic ways
As my fingers graze the shining armor, up his soft tempting throat
To entwine my fingers through his hair and pull his face to mine
And let our lips pray as palms often do
I kiss harder, begging him to take me away
Towards the sunset like a fairytale, a selfish tale
The better the dream, the harder the realization of the wake
And the worse the heartbreak as reality sets its place
Drowning out my magic kingdom, the beauty of the only life I need
So Queen Mab gather your horses, call Sandman on the way
I'll need your escape by the end of the day

areyoulistening areyoulistening
18-21, F
Feb 15, 2009