Random Thoughts/poems/writings Part1

Fingerprints smear the glass. Marks the presence of people who have passed this way. How easily we can be erased. As we struggle to get past the translucent barrier, our desperation shows in the prints we leave behind. Yet its not indelible. A simple swipe of the windex and we are once again erased from existence.

time is green
green as the walls I stare at all day
green as the blanket which
keeps the sunshine from entering through the window
green as the trashcan which holds
the remnants of the past
green is no longer a color
it is a state of mind.
A state of mind called

I don't think I quite understand this thing called life. Some say it is a board game, some say it is a magazine. I say it is living. Maybe that is my problem. Maybe I should think of life as an inanimate object. Then I won't have to search for the meaning, because the meaning would be obvious. You play a game for fun, and fun leads to happiness. You read a magazine for enjoyment, and enjoyment leads to happiness. So, why this big search for a meaning and what not when all this time the meaning has been in front of our noses. Get a clue from the board game and the magazine. Their creators discovered the meaning of life a long time ago. And that meaning is happiness. I think I do understand this thing called life after all.

Dizzy with confusion. The world stopped today. Only for a second. You probably didn't notice. But I did. Suddenly the clouds stopped moving, and the birds ceased to sing. The grass didn't grow and the wind didn't blow. All was still. I looked outside and thought I was dead. Heck, maybe I was. What I saw was beautiful. What I felt was peace. The confusion was gone. Hectic society was gone. Evil was banished. Yet the good left with the evil. For how can you have one without the other? And what remained was nothingness. A peaceful calm nothingness. Then that second passed, and the world again resumed. Car crashes and gun shots. Bigots and idiots. A world filled with surprises and hate and love and dismay. The next time the world stops, it'll be forever.

Down the dark hall she walked, looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Years ago it was shining brightly, like a drop of dew glistening in the morning sun. Then one day it was gone, broken like her dreams. Cautiously she walked on the slippery tile, guided only by her fingers on the sticky walls. She lit a match only to have it flicker out by the same wind that took away her hopes. She was searching for the end of this misery filled hallway, searching for a way out. Finally she felt a door under the tips of her fingers, her escape. She looked around desperately for a glimpse of help before she made her final exit from the hall, from the world.

blueskydays blueskydays
31-35, F
Feb 27, 2010