I Am No Longer My Dad's Only Child.

So Dad met his wife, a wonderful person, she is perfect for him. She has 3 daughters. My dad who has always been my hero has pretty much forgotten me. or should I say I am no longer a priority. 3 examples: For Christmas Dad and his wife and 3 young adult daughters went to mexico for Christmas. I was brought or invited. That was a few yrs ago. This year on my Birthday, Step sister get back from 9 months away and they throw her a surprise lunch on my birthday with all her friends. woo who happy birthday. just a week ago he actually called to invite me to a performance but ruined it by saying well I would have invited you (middle) step-sister but she has a date and cant go. I guess I just feel forgotten.
angiekalamazoo angiekalamazoo
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1 Response May 24, 2012

That sounds lame. A Dad who forgets his kids is just wrong. I'd be mega ticked, and would either confront him with prejudice or file him under "memories" for a while.